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Invoice Factoring Companies In Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is one of the nation’s most naturally beautiful destinations. Like the rest of Colorado, Colorado Springs has seen recent booms in its economy. If you’re one of the many business owners in the area you may find it hard to get the funding you need when seasonal gaps in cash flow occur. Traditional loans can be hard to be approved for, as they require long credit histories that your business may not have. Invoice factoring is the process of selling your unpaid invoices in advance in exchange for upfront capital. We’ve compiled a list of Colorado Spring’s best invoice factoring firms.

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KCM Factors

KCM Factors is probably the most popular Colorado based factoring service. They are located in Denver, Colorado but service Colorado Springs as well. They specialize in helping small businesses grow. If you’re a business with small invoices they can do wonders for your cash flow! Check them out if you’d like a local provider with industry expertise.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Factoring is one of the only factoring firms that is located in Colorado Springs. They focus largely on working with businesses in their local community. They also produce a lot of interesting literature on the factoring industry via their LinkedIn page. Have a look if you’d like to read up on how this type of finance can help your business.


Benefactor is unlike most factoring companies on the market. They work exclusively with companies that operate in the organic food industry. Chances are if you’re a business in Colorado Springs you may fall into this category. They’re specialists in their area so definitely contact them if you are an organic food or product provider. They have a firm commitment to their client base.


Despite its small size, Colorado Springs has plenty of factoring services to choose from. This is partly due to Colorado’s largest city, Denver. If you work in organic food, Benefactor is the best choice in the nation. While KCM Factors and Colorado Spring Factoring provide excellent services for any other small business.

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