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Invoice Factoring Companies In Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, Ohio is a large city in Ohio that sits close to the Ohio River. Despite having a population of just over 250,000 people, Cincinnati is one the United States’ most famous cities. It is home to the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals. There are many small business owners that make up the ambitious city. If you’re one of them, you should look at invoice factoring as a way to help finance your operations. Invoice factoring lets you sell unpaid invoices to a factoring firm. It’s a great way to get upfront capital without having to take on debt or fill in lengthy loan application forms. This is a compiled list of the best factoring services that work with companies in Cincinnati.

Business Backer

Business Backer is local factoring company that is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. They operate with small businesses only – the largest invoices they handle are $250,000. They also only make their clients pay a flat processing fee for their services. If you head to their website you’ll find an online chat portal that can help you contact one of their customer service representative.

Northwest Capital

Northwest Capital is an invoice factoring company that is based in Toledo, Ohio. They also have a large client base in Cincinnati. If you’re looking to work with an effective factoring company in the freight or staffing industry, Northwest is the best option in the area. Unfortunately, if you don’t fall into these categories you will not be eligible to receive funding.

MP Star Financial

MP Star Financial is another Ohio based factoring service located nearby in Cleveland, Ohio. They operate with companies in almost any industry – they also have an online processing portal that allows you to automatically upload and track your invoices.


Cincinnati is fortunate to have three great factoring services that operate with businesses in the state of Ohio. Freight and staffing companies should opt for Northwest Capital. Business Backer and MP Star Financial are perfect for companies operating in other niches.