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Invoice Factoring Companies In Chicago, IL

Chicago is the United States’ third largest city, and with that comes a host of different industries that keep the city running. If you’re a business owner in Chicago and you suffer from short-term gaps in cash flow, consider contacting an invoice factoring company to help alleviate your financial burdens. Invoice factoring firms will buy your invoices at a reduced cost and then collect the money directly from your clients. This can be a great financing option for a company that has long business cycles or clients who take considerable time to pay their balances. This article will outline some of Chicago’s most notable invoice factoring firms.

Sky Business Credit

Sky Business Credit is a Chicago based factoring firm that provides accounts receivable services for their regional clients. They guarantee they can get applicants within 24 hours of approval. The firm specializes in getting businesses the cash flow they need during cyclical business periods.

Crestmark Bank

Crestmark Bank, founded in 1996, provides factoring services for areas in both Michigan and Illinois. They have multiple offices around the region including one in Chicago. Their clients include companies working in distribution, manufacturing, oil & gas, and trucking. They also provide other financial solutions for clients unrelated to factoring.

DSA Factors

DSA Factors was founded in 1986 to help businesses benefit from invoice financing. Despite having grown into one of the region’s largest factoring companies, they accept clients of any size. DSA Factors claims there is no invoice too small — they will take on any viable accounts receivable no matter how small or large.


Chicago has a great selection of factoring companies to choose from. There are firms that can fulfill almost any business person’s need. Although, if you have an extremely small invoice that you need financing for, consider contacting DSA Factors.