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Invoice Factoring Companies In Boston, MA

Boston is well known for its beauty and highly successful sports teams. But the biggest city in Massachusetts has also recently become a thriving spot for plenty of small business owners. If you’ve started a new business in Boston, you may be finding it hard to get a traditional lender to give you financing options. Invoice factoring is a type of alternative finance that is readily available to new business owners with limited credit. Factoring companies purchase you client’s invoices off you and provide you with upfront capital quickly. They then collect the invoice when it reaches maturity for a small commission. Here are some of the top factoring companies currently being used by Boston companies.

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Milberg Factors

Milberg Factors is one of the most prominent factoring services on the globe. They have offices throughout the United States but deal with clients predominantly from the North East. If you’re a Boston business owner looking for a factoring company with years of in-depth experience, Milberg Factors is perfect. They are also well known for being able to collect international invoices.

Liquid Capital Corp

Liquid Capital Corp is a nationwide factoring service with a large presence in America’s North East, including Boston. They’re a fully functioning website that can take the hassle out of getting quotes or uploading invoices. They also have office in Canada – if you have clients in Canada this could be a great way to factor their invoices.

CIT Group

CIT Group is another nationwide factoring service that has a large presence in Boston. They are well known for accepting clients of almost any industry. If you operate in a small niche, CIT Group may be able to help you with your complex financing needs. They have years of experience working with clients from all over the nation. They were founded in 1908.


Most businesses in Boston use national factoring services, as local services are scarce. Boston has access to some of the region’s best factoring expertise. Any of the factoring services mentioned in this article are perfect for your business, regardless of size or industry.

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