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Invoice Factoring Companies In Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield is a city in California with over 300,000 residents. Although it is less well-known than Los Angeles and San Francisco, Bakersfield has attracted a number of successful business owners to the region. If you’re one of these business owners, you may struggle to get working capital during seasonal gaps in cash flow. There is a way to avoid this – invoice factoring. Factoring is the process of selling your invoice to a factoring company in exchange for upfront capital. The factoring company will then go to your client and collect the invoice once the payment time has arrived. It allows you to completely avoid debt when financing your operations. We researched some of the best factoring services in Bakersfield so you know who to choose from.


BlueVine is a factoring service located just outside San Francisco, California. They work with clients from across the state, including Bakersfield. They are one of the most technologically advanced factoring providers on the market. They provide their clients with an online factoring portal that takes the hassle out of processing your invoices. They’re great if you don’t have time to meet face-to-face with you provider.

Duvera Financial

Duvera Financial are located in Carlsbad, California. They have clients throughout the state including in Bakersfield. They’re an awesome option for those who want to work with a small local provider that understands the business climate in California.

Vital Force Factoring

Vital Force Factoring are a popular national factoring service that offer services to businesses in Bakersfield. Not only do they offer factoring services, their website is also a great source of information about the factoring industry. Go and check it out for yourself if you feel like you want more information on different forms of alternative finance.


Bakersfield may not be a large city, but local businesses have plenty of options when it comes to factoring services. BlueVine is probably the best local provider for those looking for an easy-to-use online platform. Duvera and Vital Force are two other great options that have established clients in the area.