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Invoice Factoring Companies In Aurora, CO

Aurora, Colorado is often considered an extension of Denver. Given its proximity to the largest city in the state, it has many small business owners operating in the area. The industries in the area include manufacturing, agriculture, and hospitality. If you own a business in Aurora, you may want to consider invoice factoring as a form of alternative financing. Factoring companies can provide you with solutions by purchasing your invoice in exchange for upfront capital. They then own the right to collect the invoice amount directly from your client. It’s a great way to avoid taking on additional debt. Here are some of the top factoring companies operating in the region.


Colorado is known for its natural industries. If you work in the organic food industries, Benefactor is the best option available to you. They are located in Colorado and have a large client base throughout the rest of the country. They only work with organic food providers and distributors, so make sure you fit into one of these categories before contacting them.

KCM Factor

KCM Factor is another Denver based factoring service that provides its Aurora based clients with invoice factoring. Unlike Benefactor, KCM Factors works with clients across almost any industry. They specialize in helping small businesses find the best funding solutions possible. They can also get you cash within 24 hours of approval.

Corporate Factoring Group

Corporate Factoring Group is a national factoring service with a large client base in Colorado. They provide some of the largest upfront advances in the industry, some clients are able to attain up to a 95% advance! You can apply for finance directly through their website.


There are some great factoring services located in Colorado. Aurora small business owners working in the organic food industry should choose Benefactor. While KCM Factors and Corporate Factoring Group are perfect for companies operating in other industries. Corporate Factoring Group provides some of the highest advances in the nation.