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Invoice Factoring Companies In Arlington, TX

Arlington, Texas is a small town in Texas that is home to many companies working in the natural resources sector. If you own one of these companies, or any other company in the region, you may find that gaps in cash flow prevent you from expanding your business. Instead of taking on additional debt, you should look into invoice factoring as a way to help grow your business. Invoice factoring companies purchase your unpaid invoices and then directly collect them from your client. It’s great for businesses with limited credit history. Here are some of the best factoring companies servicing the Arlington, Texas area.

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New Century Financial

New Century Financial is a Texas based factoring service located in Houston, Texas. They have an extensive client base throughout the state, including Arlington. Like most factoring companies in Texas they work with many natural resources clients, but they also specialize in manufacturing, service providers, and freight. Don’t hesitate to contact them directly for a quote.

TCI Business Capital

TCI Business Capital is a great choice for any Arlington based businesses seeking national experience from their factoring company. TCI is a well-established factoring provider with clients from all across the United States. They have a full list of the types of companies they work with located on their website. In addition, clients can log in to their online portal to take care of all of their invoicing needs.

Vertex Financial

Vertex Financial is a factoring company located near Arlington in Dallas, Texas. The majority of their clients operate in the Oil & Gas industry but they also work with clients from varying industries. They were established in 1989 and have a great reputation amongst their client base. If you’re looking for a local company to work with, this is a great option.


Arlington benefits largely from the amount of business in Texas. There is a plethora of great factoring services to choose from. Our recommendation is Vertex Financial, they have a great reputation in the industry and are located nearby in Dallas, Texas. TCI and New Century Financial are also great choices for companies working in any industry.

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