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Invoice Factoring Companies In Anchorage, AK

Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska. Despite its cold conditions, Anchorage has a range of industries that have helped keep its economy viable. The area is largely dependent on natural resources and the fishing industry. If you’re one of the many small businesses operating in Alaska’s largest city, you may be seeking alternative finance to help your company grow. Invoice factoring is a form of finance that doesn’t make you take on debt. Instead, you sell your unpaid invoices to a factoring service in exchange for upfront capital. It’s the perfect way to bridge gaps in cash flow. Here are some of Anchorage’s best factoring services.

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Paragon Financial

Paragon Financial is a large national factoring service with a substantial client base in Anchorage, Alaska. They can provide up to 90% of your invoice in upfront cash – this is one of the best advance rates on the market. They have an online chat portal that can be used to query about any potential factoring services you may need.

Bibby Financial Services

If you’re operating in Anchorage, there is a large chance you are having to import and export various products for your business. If you have a large overseas client base, Bibby Financial Services can collect your international invoices. They have over a century of experience helping businesses finance themselves.

Corporate Factoring Group

Corporate Factoring Group is a large factoring service with a strong presence in Alaska, including Anchorage. Like Paragon Financial, they can get their clients advances of up to 90%. You can receive a quote through their online portal.


Just because Anchorage is isolated, it doesn’t mean that local businesses have to go without factoring services. There are plenty of factoring companies that currently operate in the area. Those with international client bases should use Bibby Financial Services. Corporate Factoring Group and Paragon Financial are great choices for any business regardless of size or industry.

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