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Integrity Factoring Invoice Factoring Review

Integrity Factoring Invoice Factoring Review


Integrity Factoring is an invoice factoring company based in Grand View, Idaho. They were established in 2006 and work in the oil and gas, staffing, and trucking industries.


One of Integrity Factoring’s strongest aspects is they have a favorable fee structure, which can save customers a lot of money. Our research found that lower fees are generally indicitive of better performance and fewer customer complaints regarding pricing.

Integrity Factoring is also strong in that their website is easy to use and has helpful information explaining what factoring is, how it works, and how companies can benefit from it. Our research indicates that companys with better websites are more likely to have high marks for customer service and satisfaction.

Finally, they have clearly stated price ranges on their website, and the terms of their contract are also viewable. This transparency lets companies plan and better manage their capital flow, and is associated with better customer satisfaction in our research.


However, there are some issues with Integrity Factoring. The first is they only offer recourse factoring. This means if a client doesn’t pay their invoice the factoring service will charge back their initial funding, an event which can leave many businesses in a capital crunch.

Integrity Factoring also loses points because they don’t have a very good discount rate. This means companies can expect to pay more for factoring services than they would with some of the other factoring companies we’ve reviewed.

Finally, they have more complaints about their customer service than most of the invoice factoring companies we looked into. Lowercustomer service marks generally also go with lower grades for overall customer satisfaction.


Integrity Factoring is a good choice for invoice factoring. They are committed to clear, transparent pricing, and don’t have any hidden fees. We recommend checking them out if you’re in an industry they serve.