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Infusion Funding Invoice Factoring Review


There’s a lot of good things to say about Infusion Funding invoice factoring. They don’t require a long term contract, and offer different factoring services based on that reality. One of their services includes a complete invoice handling service, and the other is a shorter term invoice factoring service. Customers can fund up to $5 million in invoices through Infusion Funding, and there’s no required monthly minimum. This makes them a solid choice for companies that aren’t ready for long term commitments or that have fluctuations in their invoices that don’t facilitate working with another invoice factoring firm. Their website is clean and professional, and the links to their different factoring products are easy to find with descriptions of each service and how it is different from the others. The site also has a number of useful resources that explain factoring basics, industry specific needs and how factoring can help solve them, as well as some of their most prominent accounts.


Infusions initial funding rate is a bit lower than many of the other companies we looked at, ranging from 75% to 85%. Their other rates are published on the website, but only as base rates, and given the amount of detail they offer about their programs we would like some more detailed rate and fee information.

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Infusion is an excellent choice for invoice factoring services. Their website lays out the entire process so businesses know what they can expect, and they offer more information about rates than many of the companies we’ve reviewed.