Wholesaling real estate has become a popular investment strategy for those looking to make quick profits without the hassle of property management or long-term commitments. Ohio, with its thriving real estate market, offers ample opportunities for aspiring wholesalers. If you’re new to the concept of wholesaling or are interested in exploring the Ohio market, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to wholesale real estate in Ohio.

1. Research the market: Familiarize yourself with Ohio’s real estate market, focusing on areas with high demand and potential for growth.

2. Build your network: Connect with real estate agents, investors, and wholesalers in Ohio. Attend networking events, join online forums, and utilize social media platforms to expand your network.

3. Find motivated sellers: Look for distressed or motivated sellers who are willing to sell their properties at a discounted price. Utilize various marketing strategies, such as direct mail campaigns, online advertising, and bandit signs, to attract potential sellers.

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4. Analyze deals: Once you find a potential property, evaluate its value and repair costs. Calculate your maximum allowable offer (MAO) by subtracting repair costs and desired profit from the estimated after-repair value (ARV).

5. Negotiate and secure a contract: Negotiate with the seller to reach an agreement on the purchase price. Use a standard Ohio purchase agreement and ensure all necessary clauses are included to protect your interests.

6. Find cash buyers: Reach out to local investors and cash buyers who are interested in purchasing wholesale properties. Build relationships with them and maintain a database of potential buyers.

7. Assign the contract: Assign the purchase agreement to your chosen cash buyer for a fee. This fee is typically your profit from the transaction.


1. Is a real estate license required to wholesale properties in Ohio?

No, a real estate license is not required for wholesaling real estate in Ohio.

2. Can I wholesale properties without any money?

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Yes, wholesaling allows you to profit without using your own money. However, having some capital for marketing and earnest money deposits can be beneficial.

3. How much profit can I make from wholesaling a property?

Profit margins vary, but it’s common to aim for a profit of around $5,000 to $10,000 per wholesale deal.

4. How long does the wholesale process typically take?

The timeline can vary, but it’s possible to complete a wholesale transaction within 30 to 60 days.

5. Are there any legal considerations I should be aware of?

Consult with an attorney who specializes in real estate to ensure you comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

6. Can I wholesale properties in any city in Ohio?

Yes, you can wholesale properties in any city within Ohio, depending on the availability of deals and market conditions.

7. Are there any risks associated with wholesaling real estate?

As with any investment strategy, there are risks involved. Conduct thorough due diligence and be prepared for potential challenges in finding buyers or encountering legal issues.

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Wholesaling real estate in Ohio can be a lucrative venture for those willing to put in the effort. By following these steps and understanding the FAQs, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful real estate wholesaler in Ohio.