How to Scan Walmart Receipt: A Step-by-Step Guide

Scanning your Walmart receipt can be a convenient way to keep track of your purchases, manage your expenses, and even save money through cashback apps. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier than ever to scan receipts using your smartphone. In this article, we will guide you through the process of scanning your Walmart receipt and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Download a Receipt Scanning App
Start by downloading a reliable receipt scanning app from your app store. Popular options include Receipt Hog, Fetch Rewards, and Ibotta.

Step 2: Open the App and Create an Account
After downloading the app, open it and create an account. This usually involves providing your email address and setting up a password.

Step 3: Select Walmart as the Store
In the app, navigate to the “Stores” or “Receipts” section and select Walmart as the store where you made your purchase.

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Step 4: Scan the Receipt
Using your smartphone’s camera, scan the barcode or QR code on the Walmart receipt. Make sure the receipt is well-lit and fully visible in the camera frame.

Step 5: Verify the Purchase Details
After scanning the receipt, the app will automatically analyze the information and verify the purchase details. This may take a few seconds.

Step 6: Submit the Receipt
Once the app has verified the purchase details, click on the “Submit” or “Upload” button to complete the scanning process.


1. Why should I scan my Walmart receipt?
Scanning your Walmart receipt allows you to keep track of your expenses, earn cashback or rewards, and simplify the return process if needed.

2. Can I scan a Walmart e-receipt?
Most receipt scanning apps only accept physical receipts. However, some apps may allow you to scan e-receipts if they are in PDF format.

3. Can I scan multiple Walmart receipts at once?
Some receipt scanning apps allow you to scan multiple receipts in a single session. Check the app’s instructions or FAQs for more information.

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4. What if the app doesn’t recognize my Walmart receipt?
If the app is having trouble recognizing your receipt, ensure that the barcode or QR code is clear and well-lit. You may also try retaking the photo or contacting the app’s support team for assistance.

5. How long does it take to receive cashback from scanning a Walmart receipt?
The time it takes to receive cashback varies depending on the app. Some apps offer instant rewards, while others may take a few days or weeks to process your request.

6. Are there any privacy concerns when scanning Walmart receipts?
Reputable receipt scanning apps prioritize user privacy and data security. However, it’s essential to read the app’s privacy policy and terms of service to understand how your data is handled.

7. Can I use multiple receipt scanning apps for the same Walmart receipt?
In most cases, you can only scan a Walmart receipt once across multiple apps. However, it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions of each app to confirm their policies.

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Scanning your Walmart receipt is a simple process that can offer various benefits. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily start scanning your receipts and enjoy the rewards and convenience that come with it.