How to Read Walmart Receipt: A Guide for Shoppers

When you shop at Walmart, it’s important to keep track of your purchases and understand the information on your receipt. However, deciphering the details on a Walmart receipt can sometimes be confusing. To help you make sense of it all, here is a guide on how to read a Walmart receipt.

1. Transaction information: At the top of the receipt, you’ll find the store number, register number, and transaction number. This information is useful for referencing a specific transaction if needed.

2. Date and time: The receipt will display the date and time of your purchase, allowing you to easily identify when you made the transaction.

3. Itemized list: The majority of the receipt contains an itemized list of your purchases. Each item will be accompanied by a description, quantity, price per unit, and total price. This section provides a detailed breakdown of what you bought.

4. Savings and discounts: Walmart often highlights any savings or discounts applied to your purchase. Look for lines mentioning “Rollbacks,” “Special Buys,” or “Clearance” to see how much you saved.

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5. Taxes: Sales tax is calculated separately and added to the total amount. It’s important to understand the tax rate in your area to ensure accuracy.

6. Payment method: The receipt will indicate your chosen payment method, whether it’s cash, debit, credit card, or Walmart Pay. This information is useful for tracking your spending habits.

7. Returns and exchanges: Walmart receipts usually include a section outlining the store’s return policy. Familiarize yourself with this information to understand the conditions and timeframes for returning or exchanging items.


1. Are Walmart receipts necessary for returns? Yes, Walmart usually requires a receipt for returns, although exceptions can be made if you provide a valid ID.

2. Can I get a duplicate receipt? Yes, Walmart customer service can provide you with a duplicate receipt if you need one.

3. How long should I keep my Walmart receipts? It’s advisable to keep your Walmart receipts for at least 90 days, as this is the standard return period for most items.

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4. Can I return online purchases in-store? Yes, Walmart allows you to return online purchases in-store, as long as you have the receipt and meet the return criteria.

5. Why do some items have a TC number on the receipt? The TC number, or “transaction code,” is used for internal tracking purposes. It helps Walmart associates identify specific items quickly.

6. Can I claim a tax refund if I am a non-US resident? Non-US residents are eligible for a tax refund on certain purchases. Contact Walmart’s customer service or consult their website for more information.

7. What if I notice an error on my receipt? If you find an error on your Walmart receipt, contact customer service or visit the store directly to address the issue.

By understanding how to read a Walmart receipt, you can keep track of your purchases, ensure accurate pricing, and easily handle returns or exchanges.