How to Read a Walmart Receipt

When you make a purchase at Walmart, you are provided with a detailed receipt that contains important information about your transaction. While it may seem overwhelming at first glance, understanding how to read a Walmart receipt is essential for tracking your expenses and ensuring accuracy. Here’s a guide to help you decode your Walmart receipt.

1. Store and Location Information:
At the top of the receipt, you will find the store number, address, and phone number. This information is useful for identifying the specific Walmart location where you made your purchase.

2. Transaction Details:
The date and time of your purchase are mentioned on the receipt. It also includes the payment method used, such as cash, credit card, or Walmart Pay.

3. Items Purchased:
The bulk of the receipt is dedicated to listing the items you bought. Each item is accompanied by its name, size, quantity, and price. Make sure to cross-check these details for accuracy.

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4. Savings and Discounts:
If you used coupons or discounts, they will appear as deductions on your receipt. Look for any savings or promotional offers that have been applied to your purchase.

5. Taxes:
The total amount of taxes charged on your transaction is displayed on the receipt. This helps you understand the breakdown of your purchase cost.

6. Subtotal, Total, and Change:
The subtotal is the sum of all your purchased items before tax, while the total is the final amount including taxes. If you paid with cash, the change you received will be mentioned as well.

7. Survey Invitation:
Many Walmart receipts include an invitation to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. By completing the survey, you may have the chance to win a gift card or receive other discounts.


1. How long should I keep my Walmart receipts?
It is recommended to keep your Walmart receipts for at least 90 days in case of returns, exchanges, or warranty claims.

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2. Can I return items without a receipt?
Yes, Walmart does accept returns without a receipt. However, refunds will be issued in the form of store credit and may be subject to certain restrictions.

3. How can I check my purchase history without a physical receipt?
If you have a Walmart account, you can access your purchase history online by logging into your account and navigating to the purchase history section.

4. What should I do if I find an error on my receipt?
If you notice any discrepancies or errors on your Walmart receipt, visit the customer service desk at the store where you made the purchase. They will assist you in resolving the issue.

5. Can I get a duplicate receipt?
Yes, you can obtain a duplicate receipt by visiting the customer service desk at the store where the purchase was made. Provide them with the necessary details, such as the date and time of purchase, and they will assist you in getting a copy.

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6. Are there any items that cannot be returned?
Certain items, such as firearms, ammunition, and prepaid cellphones, have specific return restrictions. It is important to review Walmart’s return policy or check with customer service for any specific exclusions.

7. Can I use the Walmart app to view my receipts?
Yes, the Walmart app allows you to scan and store your receipts digitally. This feature is convenient for accessing and organizing your purchase history on your mobile device.

Understanding how to read a Walmart receipt is a valuable skill for every shopper. By familiarizing yourself with the different sections and details, you can effectively track your expenses and resolve any issues that may arise. Remember to keep your receipts for future reference and take advantage of any savings opportunities offered by participating in customer surveys.