How to Get the Invoice Price of a Car

When purchasing a new vehicle, it’s important to know the invoice price – the amount that the dealer paid the manufacturer for the car. Understanding the invoice price can give you an advantage during negotiations and help you secure a better deal. Here are a few steps to help you obtain the invoice price of a car:

1. Research online: Many websites offer invoice price information for various car models. Visit reputable automotive websites and use their tools to find the invoice price of the specific make and model you’re interested in.

2. Contact the manufacturer: Reach out to the car manufacturer directly. Some manufacturers provide invoice pricing information on their websites, or they may be able to provide it upon request.

3. Connect with dealerships: Contact different dealerships and ask for the invoice price. Be aware that not all dealerships may be willing to share this information, as they often prefer to negotiate based on the sticker price.

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4. Join online forums: Participate in automotive forums where fellow car enthusiasts share their experiences and knowledge. You may find helpful tips and information on how to obtain the invoice price of a car.

5. Consider using a car-buying service: Several car-buying services can help you find the invoice price of a car. These services often have access to extensive databases and can negotiate on your behalf.

6. Consult local libraries: Some libraries provide access to automotive pricing guides or databases that contain invoice price information. Visit your local library and inquire about the resources available.

7. Hire a professional car negotiator: If negotiating isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a professional car negotiator who specializes in securing the best deals for buyers. These experts have the knowledge and experience to obtain the invoice price and negotiate effectively.


1. Why is knowing the invoice price important?
Knowing the invoice price helps you negotiate a fair deal and avoid overpaying for a car.

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2. Is the invoice price the same as the dealer’s cost?
The invoice price is close to the dealer’s cost, but there may be additional incentives and discounts that affect the actual cost.

3. Are invoice prices negotiable?
While the invoice price is not typically negotiable, dealerships may offer additional incentives or discounts that can further reduce the price.

4. Can I negotiate below the invoice price?
It’s possible to negotiate below the invoice price if you have done thorough research and are aware of any current incentives or discounts.

5. How often do manufacturers update their invoice prices?
Manufacturers usually update their invoice prices on a monthly or quarterly basis.

6. Can I get the invoice price for used cars?
The invoice price is typically associated with new cars. For used cars, you can research the market value and negotiate based on that information.

7. Does the invoice price include destination charges?
Yes, the invoice price usually includes destination charges, although additional fees and taxes are not included.

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