How to Get Financing for a Motorcycle With Bad Credit

Owning a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but what if you have bad credit? Don’t worry, there are still options available for you to secure financing for a motorcycle. Here are some tips to help you navigate the process and make your dreams of owning a motorcycle a reality.

1. Check your credit report: Begin by obtaining a copy of your credit report to understand your current credit situation. Look for any errors or discrepancies that you can dispute and correct.

2. Improve your credit score: Take steps to improve your credit score before applying for financing. Pay off any outstanding debts, make payments on time, and reduce your credit card balances.

3. Save for a down payment: A larger down payment can help offset your bad credit and increase your chances of securing a loan. Save up as much as you can to demonstrate your commitment and reduce the amount you need to borrow.

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4. Consider a co-signer: If your credit is particularly poor, you may want to ask a family member or friend with good credit to co-sign the loan. This can increase the likelihood of approval and potentially secure a lower interest rate.

5. Shop around for lenders: Look for lenders who specialize in bad credit motorcycle financing. They will have experience working with individuals in similar situations and may have more flexible loan terms.

6. Demonstrate stability: Lenders will be more inclined to lend to someone with a stable income and housing situation. Maintain a steady job and residence, as this can positively impact your chances of approval.

7. Be prepared for higher interest rates: Due to your bad credit, you may be offered higher interest rates than those with good credit. Prepare yourself for this reality and budget accordingly.


1. Can I get a motorcycle loan with a credit score below 600?
Yes, it is still possible to get a motorcycle loan with a credit score below 600, but you may face challenges and higher interest rates.

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2. How much should I save for a down payment?
Saving at least 10-20% of the motorcycle’s purchase price is recommended for a down payment.

3. Can I get financing if I have a bankruptcy on my credit history?
Yes, some lenders specialize in financing for individuals with bankruptcy on their credit history. However, it can be more challenging.

4. How long does it take to improve my credit score?
Improving your credit score takes time and consistent effort. It may take several months or even years to see significant improvements.

5. Can I get financing for a used motorcycle?
Yes, financing is available for both new and used motorcycles. However, interest rates may vary.

6. What documents do I need for motorcycle financing?
Typically, you will need proof of income, proof of residence, identification, and a valid driver’s license.

7. Can I refinance my motorcycle loan in the future?
Yes, refinancing your motorcycle loan is an option if you improve your credit score or find better loan terms.

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