How to Find Vehicle Invoice Price

When shopping for a new vehicle, it’s important to understand the invoice price. The invoice price is the amount the dealership pays the manufacturer for the vehicle. Knowing the invoice price can help you negotiate a better deal and save money. Here are a few methods to find the vehicle invoice price:

1. Manufacturer Websites: Many manufacturers provide invoice pricing information on their websites. Look for a section on pricing or build and price tools. By entering the make, model, and trim level, you can often find the invoice price along with other pricing details.

2. Online Pricing Tools: Several websites offer pricing tools that provide invoice pricing for various vehicles. These tools allow you to search for specific makes and models and provide detailed pricing information, including the invoice price.

3. Dealership Websites: Some dealerships may display the invoice price on their websites. Check the dealership’s website for any pricing details or contact their sales department for this information.

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4. Request a Quote: Contact multiple dealerships and request a quote for the specific vehicle you’re interested in. Ask for the breakdown of costs, including the invoice price. This will give you a clear idea of the actual cost of the vehicle.

5. Automotive Publications: Many automotive publications provide invoice pricing information for different vehicles. Look for these publications online or in print to find the invoice price of the vehicle you’re interested in.

6. Direct Contact: If you’re comfortable negotiating directly with the dealership, you can ask them for the invoice price. Keep in mind that dealerships may not always disclose this information willingly, so be prepared to negotiate.

7. Utilize Car Buying Services: Car buying services, such as TrueCar or Edmunds, provide pricing information and connect you with certified dealerships. These services often provide invoice pricing along with other valuable data to help you make an informed decision.


1. Why is the invoice price important? The invoice price helps you understand the true cost of the vehicle and negotiate a better deal.

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2. Is the invoice price the same as the MSRP? No, the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is the price the manufacturer recommends for the vehicle, while the invoice price is what the dealership pays the manufacturer.

3. Can I negotiate below the invoice price? Yes, it’s possible to negotiate below the invoice price by taking advantage of incentives, rebates, or dealer discounts.

4. Is the invoice price the final price I should pay? No, there are additional costs such as taxes, registration fees, and dealer fees that are not included in the invoice price.

5. Do all dealerships offer the same invoice price? Yes, all dealerships pay the same invoice price to the manufacturer for a specific vehicle.

6. Can I get the invoice price for used vehicles? No, the invoice price is applicable only to new vehicles.

7. Can I use the invoice price to negotiate with private sellers? No, the invoice price is only applicable when purchasing from a dealership.

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