How to Find Invoice Price for a Car

Buying a car can be an expensive affair, and it’s important to have all the information you need before making a purchase. One crucial piece of information is the invoice price of the car. The invoice price is the amount the dealer paid to the manufacturer for the vehicle. Knowing this price can give you an advantage during negotiations and help you get a fair deal. Here are some ways to find the invoice price for a car.

1. Manufacturer’s Website: Visit the manufacturer’s website and look for the “Build and Price” or “Pricing” section. Some manufacturers provide the invoice price along with the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for each model.

2. Online Car Pricing Services: There are several online platforms that provide invoice price information for different car models. These services gather data from dealerships and manufacturers to give you accurate pricing information.

3. Dealer Websites: Some dealerships display the invoice price on their websites to attract customers. Look for the “Internet Pricing” or “Dealer Invoice” section on their webpage.

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4. Contact Dealerships: Call or email different dealerships and ask for the invoice price of the specific car you are interested in. Most dealerships are willing to provide this information to potential buyers.

5. Automotive Magazines: Some automotive magazines publish articles or buyer’s guides that include the invoice price of popular car models. Check the latest publications for this information.

6. Consumer Reports: Consumer Reports is a trusted source for car reviews and pricing information. They provide comprehensive reports that include the invoice price of various vehicles.

7. Membership Clubs: Some membership clubs, like Costco and AAA, offer car buying services that provide members with special pricing. These services often disclose the invoice price to help members make informed decisions.


1. Why is the invoice price important?
Knowing the invoice price allows you to negotiate a better deal with the dealer and prevents you from overpaying for a car.

2. Is the invoice price the final price I should pay?
No, the invoice price is the amount the dealer paid for the car, but there are other factors like taxes, fees, and dealer incentives that can affect the final price.

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3. Can I negotiate below the invoice price?
Yes, it’s possible to negotiate below the invoice price. Dealerships often have incentives and discounts that can further reduce the price.

4. How often do invoice prices change?
Invoice prices can change periodically, usually with the introduction of new models or updates to existing ones. It’s important to check for the most up-to-date information.

5. Is the invoice price the same for all dealerships?
No, the invoice price may vary slightly between dealerships due to factors like location, volume discounts, or additional accessories included.

6. Do luxury car manufacturers provide invoice prices?
Yes, luxury car manufacturers often provide invoice prices for their vehicles, just like other manufacturers.

7. Can I use the invoice price to negotiate a better deal on a used car?
The invoice price is typically used for negotiating new car prices. For used cars, factors like condition, mileage, and market demand play a more significant role in determining the price.

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In conclusion, finding the invoice price for a car is crucial to ensure you get a fair deal. By utilizing various resources like the manufacturer’s website, online car pricing services, and contacting dealerships, you can gather the necessary information to negotiate effectively. Remember to consider the FAQs and answers to enhance your understanding of invoice pricing and make an informed decision when purchasing a car.