How to Find Delta Receipts

Keeping track of travel expenses is essential for both personal and business purposes. Delta Airlines provides passengers with receipts for their flights, making it easier to manage and organize expenses. If you are wondering how to find Delta receipts, here are a few methods to help you retrieve them:

1. Online Account: Log in to your Delta Airlines online account. Under the “My Trips” section, find the flight for which you need a receipt. Click on the flight details, and you will find an option to download and print the receipt.

2. Confirmation Email: If you have your confirmation email from Delta Airlines, scroll through it to find an attached receipt. Open the attachment and save it for future reference.

3. Receipt Request Form: If you were unable to find a receipt using the above methods, you can fill out a Receipt Request Form on the Delta Airlines website. Provide the necessary details, such as booking reference, flight number, and departure date to initiate the request.

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4. Delta Mobile App: Download the Delta Mobile App on your smartphone and log in to your account. Under the “My Trips” section, select the desired flight and click on “Email Me a Receipt.” You will receive the receipt in your registered email address.

5. Contact Customer Service: If all else fails, reach out to Delta Airlines’ customer service. Provide them with your flight details, and they will assist you in obtaining the required receipt.


1. Can I get a receipt for a past flight?
Yes, you can retrieve receipts for flights taken within the last 24 months.

2. Are Delta receipts necessary for reimbursement?
Yes, receipts are essential for reimbursement purposes, especially for business travelers.

3. What information is included in a Delta receipt?
A Delta receipt typically includes passenger details, flight details, fare breakdown, and payment information.

4. Can I get a receipt for a canceled flight?
Yes, receipts for canceled flights can be obtained using the same methods mentioned above.

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5. Do I have to pay for the receipt?
No, Delta Airlines provides receipts free of charge.

6. Can I request receipts for multiple flights at once?
Yes, you can request receipts for multiple flights by filling out a single Receipt Request Form.

7. How long does it take to receive a receipt?
Receipts are usually sent via email immediately or within a few hours after the request has been made.

By following these methods, you can easily obtain Delta receipts for your flights. Remember to keep your receipts organized for future reference and expense management.