How to Find Dealership Invoice Price

When buying a new car, knowing the dealership invoice price can give you an upper hand in negotiations. The invoice price is the amount the dealership pays to the manufacturer for the vehicle, before any additional costs or markup. By finding this price, you can negotiate a fair deal and avoid paying more than you should. Here are a few ways to find the dealership invoice price:

1. Manufacturer’s Website: Many manufacturers provide a “Build and Price” tool on their website. This tool allows you to configure the vehicle with the desired options and provides the invoice price along with the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

2. Online Pricing Tools: Several websites offer invoice price information for different car models. These tools provide an estimate of the invoice price based on the make, model, and trim level of the vehicle.

3. Automotive Publications: Magazines and online publications like Consumer Reports and Edmunds often provide detailed pricing information, including the invoice price, for various car models. They also offer comparisons between invoice prices and MSRP to give you an idea of the potential savings.

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4. Dealership Inquiries: You can directly ask the dealership for the invoice price. Salespeople might be hesitant to provide this information, but if you are persistent and serious about buying, they may disclose it to earn your trust.

5. Negotiating with Multiple Dealerships: Contact different dealerships and compare their offers. If a dealer is willing to negotiate below the MSRP, chances are they are closer to the invoice price.


1. Why is the invoice price important? The invoice price helps you negotiate a fair deal, ensuring you don’t overpay for a vehicle.

2. Is the invoice price the final price I should pay? No, the invoice price is the starting point for negotiations. Additional fees and taxes will be added to the final price.

3. Can the dealership adjust the invoice price? Some manufacturers allow dealerships to sell vehicles below the invoice price, depending on various factors such as sales targets and incentives.

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4. Is the invoice price the same for all dealerships? Yes, the invoice price is the same for all dealerships within a specific region.

5. Can I negotiate below the invoice price? It is possible to negotiate below the invoice price, but it depends on various factors such as market conditions and the dealership’s profit margins.

6. Are there any hidden costs in the invoice price? The invoice price includes the base cost of the vehicle and any additional options or accessories. However, it does not include taxes, licensing fees, or dealership fees.

7. How accurate are online pricing tools? Online pricing tools provide estimates based on available data, but the actual invoice price may vary slightly. It’s always advisable to cross-reference with multiple sources.