How to Complete Etsy Order Without Shipping

Etsy is a popular online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell unique, handmade, and vintage items. While most transactions on Etsy involve shipping, there are instances where sellers may want to complete an order without shipping. This could be due to various reasons, such as local pickup or digital downloads. Here’s a guide on how to complete an Etsy order without shipping.

1. Update your shop policies: Clearly state in your shop policies that certain items are available for local pickup or digital download only. This will help manage buyer expectations and avoid confusion.

2. Offer local pickup: If you offer local pickup, make sure to mention it in the item description and provide details such as the pickup location and hours. You can also enable the “Local Pickup” option in your Etsy shop settings.

3. Digital downloads: For digital items such as printable art, patterns, or e-books, create a separate listing category and clearly state that the item will be available for download after purchase. Consider using a service like Etsy’s Digital Download feature to automate the process.

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4. Disable shipping profiles: If you typically offer shipping for your items, disable the shipping profiles for those products that won’t require shipping. This way, buyers won’t be charged for shipping during checkout.

5. Communicate with buyers: After a buyer makes a purchase, send them a message confirming that the item will be available for pickup or download. Provide any necessary instructions or contact information for coordination.

6. Track local pickup: If you offer local pickup, keep a record of when the buyer picks up their item. This can help resolve any disputes or issues that may arise.

7. Provide excellent customer service: Always be responsive to buyer inquiries and ensure a smooth transaction. Promptly address any concerns or questions to maintain a positive reputation on Etsy.


1. Can I offer local pickup for all my items?
Yes, you can offer local pickup for any item you choose. Just make sure to clearly communicate this option to buyers.

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2. How do I enable the “Local Pickup” option on Etsy?
Go to your shop settings, click on “Shipping settings,” and enable the “Local Pickup” option.

3. Can I offer both shipping and local pickup options?
Yes, you can offer both options. Make sure to clearly distinguish which items are available for local pickup and which require shipping.

4. Do I need to charge sales tax for local pickup?
Sales tax regulations vary by location. Check your local tax laws to determine if you need to charge sales tax for local pickup.

5. Can I offer local pickup for international buyers?
Local pickup is typically intended for buyers in your geographical area. Shipping would be more appropriate for international buyers.

6. How do I provide digital downloads to buyers?
You can use Etsy’s Digital Download feature to automatically deliver digital files to buyers after purchase.

7. What if a buyer wants a refund for a local pickup or digital download item?
Refund policies still apply for local pickup and digital download items. Handle refund requests in accordance with Etsy’s guidelines and your shop policies.

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In conclusion, completing an Etsy order without shipping is possible with clear communication, proper listing settings, and offering options like local pickup or digital downloads. By following these steps, Etsy sellers can efficiently cater to buyers’ needs while avoiding unnecessary shipping costs.