How to Calculate Wholesale Price in Real Estate

Wholesaling real estate can be a profitable venture, but understanding how to calculate wholesale prices accurately is crucial for success. The wholesale price is the amount an investor pays for a property, taking into account potential repairs and selling costs, while still ensuring a profit. Here are the steps to calculate the wholesale price in real estate:

1. Determine the After Repair Value (ARV): Research recent sales of similar properties in the area to estimate the property’s value once it is repaired and ready for sale.

2. Calculate Repair Costs: Assess the property’s condition and estimate the cost of repairs. This includes both cosmetic and structural repairs that are necessary to bring the property to its full potential.

3. Subtract Repair Costs from ARV: Subtract the estimated repair costs from the ARV to determine the maximum purchase price. This ensures that there is enough room for profit after covering repair expenses.

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4. Consider Holding Costs: Account for any expenses incurred during the holding period, such as property taxes, insurance, and utilities. These costs can vary depending on the duration of the project.

5. Determine the Desired Profit Margin: Decide on the desired profit margin for the wholesale deal. This typically ranges from 10% to 30% of the ARV, depending on the level of risk and market conditions.

6. Subtract Holding Costs and Profit Margin: Subtract the holding costs and desired profit margin from the maximum purchase price to calculate the wholesale price. This is the amount an investor should aim to pay for the property.

7. Negotiate with the Seller: After calculating the wholesale price, negotiate with the seller to reach an agreement. It is crucial to present a fair offer that is both profitable for the investor and acceptable to the seller.


1. What if I overestimate the repair costs?
Overestimating repair costs is better than underestimating. It provides a buffer to ensure profitability in case unexpected expenses arise during the renovation process.

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2. Can I use the same formula for all properties?
The formula can be used as a general guideline, but each property is unique. Factors like location, market conditions, and property condition may require adjustments to the formula.

3. Should I include closing costs in the calculation?
Closing costs are typically the responsibility of the buyer, so they are not included in the wholesale price calculation.

4. Can I use an online calculator to calculate the wholesale price?
Online calculators can provide a rough estimate, but it is recommended to perform a detailed analysis manually to ensure accuracy.

5. How do I find the ARV?
Research recent sales of similar properties in the area, consult with real estate agents, or use online tools to estimate the ARV.

6. Should I always aim for the highest profit margin?
The profit margin should be balanced with market conditions and the level of risk involved. Sometimes, a lower profit margin may be acceptable to secure a deal in a competitive market.

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7. How important is negotiation in determining the wholesale price?
Negotiation skills are crucial in wholesaling real estate. The ability to negotiate effectively can help secure a lower purchase price, increasing the potential profit.