How to Calculate Cash Receipts From Customers

Cash receipts from customers are a crucial aspect of any business’s financial management. It represents the inflow of cash resulting from sales or services provided to customers. Calculating cash receipts accurately is essential for tracking revenue and managing cash flow effectively. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to calculate cash receipts from customers:

Step 1: Determine the billing period
Identify the time period for which you want to calculate cash receipts. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, or any other frequency that suits your business needs.

Step 2: Gather sales information
Collect all sales-related documents, such as invoices, sales receipts, or purchase orders. Ensure that you have accurate records of all sales made during the selected billing period.

Step 3: Sum up sales
Add up the total sales made during the specified period. Exclude any sales made on credit, as cash receipts only consider cash transactions.

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Step 4: Adjust for discounts and returns
Subtract any discounts or returns given to customers during the billing period. These adjustments will provide a more accurate representation of the actual cash receipts.

Step 5: Include other cash inflows
If your business receives any other cash inflows from customers, such as advance payments or deposits, include them in the calculation as well.

Step 6: Calculate cash receipts
Add up the total sales, deducting discounts and returns, and include any other cash inflows to determine the cash receipts from customers for the specified period.


1. What if I don’t have detailed sales records?
If you don’t have detailed sales records, consider implementing a point-of-sale system or using accounting software to track and record sales accurately.

2. Should I include sales tax in my calculation?
No, sales tax is not considered a cash receipt. It represents a liability that needs to be paid to the government.

3. How often should I calculate cash receipts?
It depends on your business requirements. Most businesses calculate cash receipts on a daily or weekly basis to monitor cash flow effectively.

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4. Can I include credit card payments as cash receipts?
Yes, credit card payments are considered cash receipts, as the cash is deposited into your business account.

5. Should I include checks received from customers?
Yes, checks received from customers should be included in the calculation. However, keep in mind that checks may take time to clear, affecting cash flow timing.

6. What if I have outstanding invoices that haven’t been paid yet?
Outstanding invoices are not considered cash receipts until the payment is received. They should be excluded from the calculation.

7. How can I improve my cash receipts from customers?
Improving cash receipts can be achieved by offering various payment options, incentivizing early payments, or implementing effective credit control measures to reduce outstanding invoices.