How Much Does Return Receipt Cost?

Return receipt is a service provided by postal services to track and confirm delivery of mail. It is commonly used when sending important or valuable items to ensure they reach their intended recipient. The cost of return receipt varies depending on the postal service and the type of mail being sent.

In the United States, the cost of return receipt is $2.85 for First-Class Mail and $2.95 for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. This fee is in addition to the regular postage cost. With return receipt, the sender receives a postcard or an electronic confirmation, providing proof of delivery and the recipient’s signature.

7 FAQs about Return Receipt:

1. Is return receipt mandatory?
Return receipt is not mandatory but is highly recommended for valuable or important mail where proof of delivery is essential.

2. Can return receipt be added to any type of mail?
Return receipt can be added to First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express. It is not available for standard mail or international shipments.

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3. Is return receipt available for both domestic and international mail?
Return receipt is only available for domestic mail within the United States. It is not available for international mail.

4. Can return receipt be added to certified mail?
Return receipt is automatically included with certified mail at no additional cost. The sender receives a copy of the delivery confirmation and the recipient’s signature.

5. Can return receipt be added after mailing?
Return receipt cannot be added after mailing. It must be requested and paid for at the time of mailing.

6. Can return receipt be sent electronically?
Return receipt can be sent electronically for certain mail classes. This allows the sender to receive the proof of delivery electronically instead of a physical postcard.

7. How long does return receipt keep records?
Return receipt records are kept by the postal service for two years. After that, they may be purged from the system.

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Return receipt provides peace of mind for both senders and recipients by confirming the delivery of important mail. While the cost varies depending on the mail class, it is a small price to pay for added security and proof of delivery.