How Does Etsy Shipping Labels Work?

Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, offers an easy-to-use shipping label service for sellers. With Etsy Shipping Labels, sellers can purchase and print shipping labels directly from their Etsy account. This streamlined process saves time and ensures a smooth shipping experience for both sellers and buyers.

To use Etsy Shipping Labels, sellers must have an active Etsy shop and a valid payment method on file. Once these requirements are met, sellers can access the shipping labels feature by going to their shop’s Orders page and clicking on the “Print Shipping Labels” button next to an order. From there, sellers can enter the necessary shipping information, such as the recipient’s address and package size, and select the preferred shipping carrier and service. Etsy Shipping Labels offer various carrier options, including USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post, among others.

After selecting the shipping carrier and service, sellers can review the shipping cost, which is automatically calculated based on the package dimensions and destination. Etsy offers discounted rates for shipping labels, allowing sellers to save money compared to retail rates. Once the label is purchased, sellers can print it directly from their computer or download it as a PDF for later use.

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Using Etsy Shipping Labels has several advantages. Firstly, it provides sellers with access to discounted shipping rates, helping them save money on shipping costs. Secondly, it eliminates the need to manually fill out shipping forms, as all the necessary information is automatically populated from the Etsy order. This reduces the chance of errors and speeds up the shipping process. Additionally, Etsy Shipping Labels automatically mark the order as shipped and provide tracking information to both the seller and buyer, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.


1. Can I use Etsy Shipping Labels for international orders?
Yes, Etsy Shipping Labels support international shipping with various carriers.

2. Can I refund a shipping label if I made a mistake?
Refunds for shipping labels can be requested, but it is subject to the carrier’s refund policy.

3. Can I use Etsy Shipping Labels for oversized packages?
Yes, Etsy Shipping Labels support a wide range of package sizes, including oversized items.

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4. Can I use my own packaging with Etsy Shipping Labels?
Yes, sellers can use their own packaging with Etsy Shipping Labels.

5. Do I need a special printer to print Etsy Shipping Labels?
No, Etsy Shipping Labels can be printed with any standard printer.

6. Can I purchase insurance for my package using Etsy Shipping Labels?
Yes, sellers can purchase shipping insurance through select carriers.

7. Can I track my package using Etsy Shipping Labels?
Yes, Etsy Shipping Labels provide tracking information for both sellers and buyers.