How Do You Find Invoice Price on a New Car?

When purchasing a new car, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the invoice price. The invoice price is the amount that the dealer pays the manufacturer for the vehicle. Knowing the invoice price can be beneficial when negotiating for a fair deal. Here are a few ways to find the invoice price on a new car:

1. Research Online: Several websites provide information on invoice prices for new cars. Websites such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, and TrueCar offer comprehensive databases that allow you to search for the invoice price of specific makes and models.

2. Contact the Manufacturer: You can also reach out to the manufacturer directly and inquire about the invoice price. Manufacturers often have customer service representatives who can provide you with this information.

3. Ask the Dealer: Although dealerships often sell vehicles above the invoice price to make a profit, they may still disclose the invoice price upon request. This transparency can help build trust and facilitate negotiations.

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4. Join Online Forums: Online automotive forums can be an excellent resource for finding the invoice price on a new car. Fellow buyers may share their experiences and provide information on the invoice prices they obtained.

5. Consult a Car Buying Service: Car buying services, such as AAA and Costco Auto Program, have partnerships with dealerships and can provide you with the invoice price as well as negotiate on your behalf.

6. Hire a Car Broker: Car brokers are experienced professionals who can assist in finding the invoice price and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. While they charge a fee, their expertise can potentially save you money in the long run.

7. Use Mobile Apps: Some mobile applications specialize in providing information on invoice prices. These apps allow you to search for specific makes and models and compare prices from different dealerships.


1. Why is knowing the invoice price important?
Knowing the invoice price helps you negotiate a fair deal and ensures you are not overpaying for the vehicle.

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2. Can the invoice price be negotiated?
While the dealer’s profit margin is typically included in the invoice price, negotiating can help you secure a better deal.

3. Does the invoice price include destination charges?
Yes, the invoice price usually includes the destination charges.

4. Are there any additional fees on top of the invoice price?
Additional fees such as taxes, licensing, and documentation fees are not included in the invoice price.

5. Can the invoice price change?
The invoice price can change if the manufacturer increases or decreases the vehicle’s cost.

6. Is the invoice price the same for all dealerships?
The invoice price is generally the same for all dealerships selling the same make and model, but other factors such as dealer incentives can affect the final price.

7. Is it possible to buy a car below the invoice price?
While it may be challenging, it is possible to negotiate a deal below the invoice price, especially if the dealership is offering incentives or there is high competition.

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