How Do I Find Dealer Invoice Price?

When buying a new car, it’s important to understand the dealer invoice price. This is the amount that the dealer paid the manufacturer for the vehicle, and it can be a useful tool in negotiating a fair price. Here are some ways to find the dealer invoice price:

1. Online Research: There are several websites that provide dealer invoice price information, such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, and TrueCar. These sites can give you a general idea of the invoice price for the make and model you’re interested in.

2. Contact the Manufacturer: You can call or email the manufacturer directly to request the invoice price of the vehicle you want. They may not provide this information readily, but it’s worth a try.

3. Request Quotes from Multiple Dealers: When shopping for a car, reach out to different dealerships and ask for a written quote that includes the dealer invoice price. This will give you an accurate idea of the price the dealer paid for the vehicle.

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4. Join Online Car Forums: Online car forums and communities often have members who have access to dealer invoice pricing. By joining these groups and participating in discussions, you may be able to find someone who can provide you with the invoice price.

5. Hire a Car Buying Service: There are companies that specialize in helping consumers buy cars at discounted prices. They have access to dealer invoice prices and can negotiate on your behalf.

6. Consult with a Car Broker: Car brokers have extensive knowledge of the car market and can help you find the dealer invoice price. They can also assist in negotiating a fair deal.

7. Check Local Dealerships: Some dealerships may display the dealer invoice price on the car itself or provide it upon request. Visiting local dealerships can be a helpful way to gather this information.


1. Why is the dealer invoice price important?

Knowing the dealer invoice price gives you leverage when negotiating the purchase price of a new car. It allows you to understand the profit margin for the dealer and helps you make a more informed decision.

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2. Is the dealer invoice price the same as the MSRP?

No, the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is the price suggested by the manufacturer for the vehicle, while the dealer invoice price is what the dealer paid the manufacturer for the car.

3. Are dealer invoice prices negotiable?

Yes, the dealer invoice price is not necessarily the final sale price. Dealerships have various incentives and discounts they can apply, so negotiating a lower price is possible.

4. Can I negotiate below the dealer invoice price?

While it’s uncommon to negotiate below the dealer invoice price, it is possible if the dealership is willing to make a special deal or if there are other factors at play, such as end-of-year sales goals.

5. How accurate are online sources for dealer invoice prices?

Online sources can provide a close estimate of the dealer invoice price, but it’s important to keep in mind that prices may vary depending on location and dealership-specific factors.

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6. Are dealer invoice prices available for used cars?

No, dealer invoice prices are typically only available for new cars.

7. Can I use the dealer invoice price to negotiate the trade-in value of my current car?

The dealer invoice price is specific to the purchase price of a new car. Negotiating the trade-in value of your current car is a separate process, and the invoice price may not directly apply. However, having knowledge of the dealer invoice price can still be helpful in negotiations.