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Great Plains Transportation Services Invoice Factoring Review


One of Great Plains Transportation Services’s strongest advantages is they offer 24 hour funding, which ensures that your business will have the resources on hand to grow your business, complete projects, and meet your payroll obligations, which can be a burden for some businesses.

Great Plains Transportation Services is also strong in that they were praised by many customers for the quality of their customer service. This is a good sign, as companies that have good customer service generally also have better marks for customer satisfaction based on the research we did on invoice factoring companies.

Finally, they don’t have the same fees many other factoring services rely on. As a result, they gain a few points in our review because fewer fees means simplier and more predictable pricing for customers, which is a much better business situation.


However, there are some issues with Great Plains Transportation Services. The first is their website leaves much to be desired. It is difficult to navigate and doesn’t have the features or information that one would expect when researching invoice factoring companies.

Great Plains Transportation Services also loses points because they don’t have a very good discount rate. This means companies can expect to pay more for factoring services than they would with some of the other factoring companies we’ve reviewed.

Finally, they lack the information that businesses interested in factoring need to be able to compare their services to their competitors. As a result, we don’t have the information we need to do a fair apples apples comparison, costing them points in our review.

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Great Plains Transportation Services is an average choice for many companies. Their programs like fuel cards and collections are appealing, but they aren’t the best invoice factoring company we reviewed.