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Gibraltar Business Capital Invoice Factoring Review


One of Gibraltar Business Capital’s strongest aspects is their website is easy to use and has helpful information explaining what factoring is, how it works, and how companies can benefit from it. Our research indicates that companys with better websites are more likely to have high marks for customer service a

Gibraltar Business Capital sports another positive trait, which is that they can help many different companies find the right factoring solution for their specific needs. This is because their service is very flexible and can accomadate the issues that many different businesses face.

Finally, they have a number of complaints about the pace of funding. Many factoring companies offer 24 hour funding, so slow deposits really undermine their ability to be among the best invoice factoring companies we looked at.


However, there are some issues with Gibraltar Business Capital. The first is they fail to provide clear, detailed information about important aspects of their services, forcing businesses to call them for more details. Our research generally equates this with lower marks for customer satisfaction and service.

Gibraltar Business Capital also suffers because their fees are on the high end of what we expect in the industry. This brings them down a few marks because fees can be a red flag for other pricing transparency issues. Greater fees also relate to lower customer satisfaction in our research.

Finally, they don’t have a very good discount rate. This means companies can expect to pay more for factoring services than they would with some of the other factoring companies we’ve reviewed.

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Gibraltar Business Capital are close to moving out of the middle of the pack, but aren’t quite there yet. They need to clear up their fees and rates before they can be one of the best invoice factoring companies.