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Fundbox Invoice Factoring Review

Fundbox Invoice Factoring Review


Fundbox is a working capital company that focuses on providing invoice factoring services for businesses. There are a number of innovative features that Fundbox offers that make them an attractive option for many businesses looking for invoice factoring services.


The biggest advantage that Fundbox invoice factoring has going are the low fees. The minimum discount rate for Fundbox is only 0.5%, which is well below the industry average. This means that businesses get more of the money they earn back. Moreover, Fundbox offers a free account that users can set up and customize, it syncs with popular booking apps so businesses can seamlessly transfer their invoices to Fundbox for approval. Fundbox doesn’t charge an early payment fee, nor do they have any hidden fees, which is a rarity for any financial service product. They also offer 12 week repayment options that many of the reviews we looked at loved. Other features include a business partnership programs that lets businesses gain even more advantages by recommending Fundbox.


Some of the complaints that we read indicated that Fundbox can be a bit slow, though these complaints didn’t go in depth on this so it’s hard to know what that means. The best we can tell is that these are complaints about the website load times, and not the actual service itself, as Fundbox says they get funds delivered in 24 hours after purchasing an invoice.

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Fundbox is an excellent option for invoice factoring for many business models, including startups and small businesses that need to protect their revenue stream. Consultants can also benefit from Fundbox’s low level of limitations and high payout rate, which can be necessary to get a consulting operation off the ground and running. Check them out if your business meets these criteria and is interested in invoice factoring.