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Foley Carrier Services Invoice Factoring Review

Foley Carrier Services Invoice Factoring Review


Foley Carrier Services is an invoice factoring company based in Hartford, CT. They focus on the trucking and staffing industries and offer a wide range of services in addition to invoice factoring options. These services include collections services and fuel programs as well as DOT compliance programs workforce management services and more.


One of the best things about Foley Carrier services is the fact that they have non-recourse factoring. This means that the factoring company can’t issue a chargeback on money paid out if your client doesn’t pay their invoice. This setup ensures a reliable and predictable revenue stream that will help businesses grow.

Another thing that Foley has going for them is that they provide funding incredibly quickly once you factor an invoice. You can use this capital to meet payroll, invest in new technologies, or anything else that might help grow your business.

Finally, they received excellent marks for customer service. We found their representatives to be well informed and knowledgeable, and were able to answer our questions. Better customer service usually leads to better customer satisfaction according to our research.


There are a few issues we have with Foley Carrier Services, however. The first is that they don’t have much or any information on their site regarding pricing on contract information. As a result you’ll have to get in touch with them if you’re considering their factoring services. Our research indicates that companies that lack transparency are more likely to have customer satisfaction issues.

Additionally, Foley also has problems in that their website isn’t very easy to use and lacks much of the information that a potential customer might want, including explanations of factoring and other elements of their service.

Finally, Foley also falls behind because their services are limited to the market they focus on. This reduces their broader appeal and take them out of contention for the best invoice factoring companies. It doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily bad, but a broad appeal is something we look for when determining the best factoring services for our readers.


Foley is an alright option for invoice factoring if you operate in the trucking industry. Their DOT compliance program can help get companies moving loads faster, but the lack of clear information means we can’t do an apples-to-apples comparison and determine the value that you can get from them relative to other companies, which prevents us from recommending them more enthusiastically.