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DSA Factors Invoice Factoring Review


One of the most attractive features about DSA Factors invoice factoring is the fact that they don’t require long term contracts. This provides businesses with the flexibility that they want without locking them into a long term arrangement for invoice handling and factoring. This is a contrast to most of the other invoice factoring companies we looked at, most of whom demand at least a 2 year contract term length. They claim that their service means that companies will never have to make a collections call again, which would indicate that they provide non-recourse factoring services. This is extremely advantageous to businesses as they don’t have to worry about a chargeback if an invoice goes unpaid.


The biggest issue with DSA Factors is that they lack pricing transparency. We couldn’t find any information about their rates or fee structure. This makes it hard to give them a fair assessment as they may have very low rates but hide a bunch of different fees in their product.  The average discount rate for the industry is between 1% and 1.5%, so if DSA Factors falls within that range, or below it, then they are a more appealing option than we’re giving them credit for here. Their customer service is also a bit below average, with their live chat option taking a long time to respond.

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DSA Factors is an alright choice for your business’s invoice factoring needs, however you should make sure to careful review the terms of any agreement before going forward with their services and get a complete breakdown of what the costs will be.