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Crestmark Invoice Factoring Review

Crestmark Invoice Factoring Review


Crestmark is a B2B bank founded in 1996 and based in Troy, Michigan. They provide a number of different invoice factoring products, and that flexibility makes them a good choice for many businesses.


One appealing aspect of Crestmark’s invoice factoring is that there’s no restrictions on the type of industry they’re willing to work with. This stands in stark contrast to some of the other invoice factoring providers who limit the industries that they work with. Crestmark also works nationwide, which means that there’s not really a business in the country that can’t potentially use their services. They have an above average referral program that allows businesses to get extra income from references, which will be appealing to those businesses in heavily networked niches. Crestmark also has a higher maximum than almost any other invoice factoring company we looked at. Businesses can factor as much as $7.5 million in invoices, and there’s no posted minimum for how much they can factor. This makes Crestmark a good options for businesses both large and small. Their customer service will help walk you through the application process if you need help, which speaks well for Crestmark.


One annoying thing about Crestmark is that in order to get their best discount rates you have to use recourse invoice factoring. This means that if they are unable to collect on an invoice you will have to buy it back. Additionally, there is an issue with transparency. It’s reasonably difficult to get an accurate perception of Crestmarks rates and fee structure, so businesses would do well to carefully review a contract before committing.


On the whole, Crestmark is an average choice when it comes to invoice factoring companies. Their high maximum and low minimum make them an option many businesses can take advantage of, and they are a good place to comparison shop.