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Concept Financial Group Invoice Factoring Review


One of Concept Financial Group’s best qualities is they have a favorable fee structure, which can save customers a lot of money. Our research found that lower fees are generally indicitive of better performance and fewer customer complaints regarding pricing.

Concept Financial Group has the added benefit of the fact that their discount rate is among the lowest out of the companies we looked into. This means that business will get more of the money from their invoices to invest in growing their business.

Finally, they received excellent marks for customer service. We found their representatives to be well informed and knoweldgeable, and were able to answer our questions. Better customer service usually leads to better customer satisfaction according to our researc


However, there are some issues with Concept Financial Group. The first is they lack the information that businesses interested in factoring need to be able to compare their services to their competitors. As a result, we don’t have the information we need to do a fair apples apples comparison, costing them points in our review.

Concept Financial Group also loses points because they don’t offer many of the services or features that companies interested in invoice factoring are looking for. This limits their appeal to a select group of companies, and knocks them down a bit in our review.

Finally, they only provide recourse factoring, leaving your company at risk of a large chargeback if your client doesn’t pay their bill. This situation can result in cash-on-hand issues for many businesses and we don’t recommend if non-recourse factoring is an option.

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Concept Financial Group are a good choice for invoice factoring if you operate in the trucking industry. The company has the chops to be one of the best trucking factoring companies we looked at, we just wish there was more information on how their rates are calculatd.