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CBC Invoice Factoring Review

CBC Invoice Factoring Review


CBC has over 30 years of experience in providing business financing solutions to small, medium, and large businesses. They work with business across the United States and internationally in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They focus on distributers, manufacturers, and service providers.


CBC offers a number of invoice factoring solutions for companies of all sizes. This makes them a good target for business that are small now but plan on growing and want to maintain the same invoice factoring company as they grow. Moreover, CBC offers products aside from basic factoring, including asset based lending, which allows companies to keep loans off of their balance sheets if they are looking for more capital from additional sources. This works because the loan is taken out against the invoices, and the invoices are paid directly to CBC. This can dramatically expand the lines of credit that businesses have access to and let them grow in a way that isn’t restricted by capital flows.


There are a few problems with CBC invoice factoring. The biggest issue is a complete lack of transparency on their webpage. We couldn’t locate any information related to their rates, fees, contract lengths or terms. This can be a headache for businesses that go through an application process only to find that there are more fees in the contract than they expected. We also couldn’t locate a contact phone number or email address, so potential customers have to either apply or contact them through the email form available on the website. We did find a review that complained that CBC customer service wasn’t responding to inquiries, but it isn’t clear if that is a trend in the company or not.


CBC is not the best place to go for invoice factoring. They try to disguise their products as something else and create confusion in the process.