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Applied Capital Invoice Factoring Review

Applied Capital Invoice Factoring Review


Applied Capital is an invoice factoring service based in Albuqureque, NM. It was founded in 1997 and serves a number of industries, including construction, manufacturing, government contractors, and more.


One of Applied Capital’s best qualities is they provide invoice factoring services for companies in a range of different industries. As a result, they have the experience that your business needs when it comes to dealing with your specific cash flow situation.

Applied Capital is also strong in that they also offer purchase order financing, which can be the key for some companies to grow their business, and might be necessary to complete larger orders that a company wasn’t ready for.

Finally, they have some good information on their site, explaining what factoring is and how it can benefit different businesses, which is a boon to many companies that are just starting out


However, there are some issues with Applied Capital. The first is they lack the information that businesses interested in factoring need to be able to compare their services to their competitors. As a result, we don’t have the information we need to do a fair apples apples comparison, costing them points in our review.

Applied Capital also suffers because their website leaves much to be desired. It is difficult to navigate, hard to read, and doesn’t have the features, resources or information that one would expect when researching invoice factoring companies.

Finally, they don’t give the impression of professionalism that you would expect from a company providing finanical or business services. This takes them down a bit compared to other companies we’ve looked at.

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Applied Capital is a middle of the road invoice factoring company. They might be worth looking into to comparison shop, but aren’t among the best in the business.