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AMCI Finance Invoice Factoring Review

AMCI Finance Invoice Factoring Review


AMCI Finance is an invoice factoring services company based in Spokane, WA. They work with nearly any industry, including manufacturing, government, international clients, small business, staffing, textiles, and more. The company was founded in 1985 and offers funding from $50k-$4M


One of AMCI Finance’s best features is they provide funding incredibly quickly once you factor an invoice. You can use this capital to meet payroll, invest in new technologies, or anything else that might help grow your business.

AMCI Finance is also strong in that they offer many other services in addition to invoice factoring. These include collection services, as well as purchase order competion, inventory, and equipment advances. This makes them appealing to a wide range of companies, especially when viewed in conjunction with their wide funding range.

Finally, they have a very professional and easy to use website. Our research indicates that this is a solid predictor of the type of service customers receive, and helps them move up a bit relative to other companies we reviewed.


However, there are some issues with AMCI Finance. The first is they fail to provide clear, detailed information about important aspects of their services, forcing businesses to call them for more details. Our research generally equates this with lower marks for customer satisfaction and service.

AMCI Finance also suffers because their fees are on the high end of what we expect in the industry. This brings them down a few marks because fees can be a red flag for other pricing transparency issues. Greater fees also relate to lower customer satisfaction in our research.

Finally, they are clear about the companies they will work with, but they limit these to companies in the pacific northwest, and that have been in business for two years or more. This prevents them from being in the best category of invoice factoring companies because of their limited appeal.

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AMCI Finance is a middling choice for invoice factoring. Their geographic restrictions and lack of clear pricing or fee information prevents them from joing the top invoice factoring companies.