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Alliance One Invoice Factoring Review


One of Alliance One’s best qualities is they have non-recourse factoring. This means that the factoring company can’t issue a chargeback on money paid out if your client doesn’t pay their invoice. This setup ensures a reliable  and predictable revenue stream that will help businesses grow.

Alliance One is also strong in that they also have a better-than-average initial funding rate of up to 90% for qualified customers, although their website does not explain what a company must do to qualify for this higher initial funding rate. Higher initial funding is appealing to many companies because it means they can get more of their money faster, helping them grow their business.

Finally, they have a favorable fee structure, which can save customers a lot of money. Our research found that lower fees are generally indicitive of better performance and fewer customer complaints regarding pricing.


However, there are some issues with Alliance One. The first is they don’t have a very good discount rate. This means companies can expect to pay more for factoring services than they would with some of the other factoring companies we’ve reviewed.

Alliance One also loses points because they have some problems with customer service. The complaints we saw alledged they were bad at responding to inquiries, or didn’t provide clear or accurate information to customers.

Finally, they don’t have many other issues to report on, on the whole. Alliance is a generally solid choice for invice factoring services within the niches they operate in.

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Alliance One is a good choice for invoice factoring. Their higher fees are offest by the fact that they are upfront and honest about them, and the way the fees are structured allow companies to have control over how much they’re paying. Check them out if you’re lookin