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Advanced Commercial Capital Invoice Factoring Review


One of Advanced Commercial Capital’s best features is they offer non-recourse factoring. This works out well for companies because they don’t have to worry about a chargeback if the client doesn’t pay their invoice. These chargebacks can create serious revenue issues, and may impair business operations.

Advanced Commercial Capital is also strong in that they offer 24 hour funding, which ensures that your business will have the resources on hand to grow your business, complete projects, and meet your payroll obligations, which can be a burden for some businesses.

Finally, their fee structure is very reasonable when compared to other invoice fatoring companies we looked at. This means more predictable pricing and generally goes along with a better customer experience.


However, there are some issues with Advanced Commercial Capital. The first is they lack the information that businesses interested in factoring need to be able to compare their services to their competitors. As a result, we don’t have the information we need to do a fair apples to apples comparison, costing them points in our review.

Advanced Commercial Capital also loses points because they specialize in the trucking and manufacturing industries, which limits their appeal to companies who do not operate in those markets. This takes them out of the top of the companies we looked at because they don’t have as widespread appeal as we look for in the top invoice factoring companies.

Finally, their website isn’t as clearly laid out as it could be. They do have more information than many of the other companies we looked at, but on the whole it was poorly organized and a bit difficult to find. This is not a major point against them, but it’s worth mentioning.

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Advanced Commercial Capital is a decent choice for invoice factoring if you are in the manufacturing or trucking industries. Non-recourse funding and low fees mean they compete with our top companies, but aren’t quite there yet.